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Free packaging point solution
Factory direct servo pillow packaging machine, automatic bagging machine, automatic card issuing machine, automatic counting machine, etc.
Reduce labor consumption          Increase productivity                  Save business costs
  Valet packaging processing solutions
Stationery packaging solutions
Commodity packaging solution
More than 10 years of industry experience
Provide an effective packaging integration solution
One machine can replace 10 workers
Automated packaging for many years
Provide customers with professional solutions
Serve customers with heart
With servo pillow packaging machine series, automatic bagging machine series, automatic counting machine series, packaging machine series, etc.
Over 10 years of accumulation, has a wealth of experience, have an understanding of the packaging of various industries
Accurate points for mechanical equipment, fast card issuance, reliable and stable performance, one can be used for a variety of products
The product has won many certifications and inspection standards, and has been recognized by many customers.
           Committed to providing professional packaging point integration solutions for              toys, stationery, printed matter, hardware, electronics and other industries
Good after-sales service, one year free warranty, lifetime maintenance, problem solving within 24 hours
           Can also provide customers with comprehensive integrated resource analysis,            tailored systemized product packaging
           The equipment cannot be returned using the package, and the professional           technical engineer can use it for free training.
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Dongguan Changfa Packing Service Co., Ltd.
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Dongguan Changfa Packing Service Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and production of servo pillow packaging machine, automatic bagging machine, automatic card issuing machine, automatic counting machine, packaging machinery, automatic feeding machine, automatic pager and non-standard mechanical equipment. the company.

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